WATCH: Swerving driver six times over the limit, video released to deter drink driving

How often have we heard the line, “if you drink and drive you’re a bloody idiot?” and yet still motorists persist in driving while under the influence.

In a bid to remind drivers of the grave danger of drink driving, Queensland Police have released footage of a swerving motorist on a major road.

In the vision the driver can be seen carelessly drifting from one side of the road to the other, narrowly avoiding collisions on several occasions.

The driver can been seen in the vision almost hitting the guard rail. Source: QPS

Officers were called to the scene on June 9 following reports of a woman driving dangerously on a busy stretch of road.

The scary ride was captured on the dashcam of a fellow driver and shows the vehicle allegedly swerving across the road, narrowly missing a tree and colliding a number of times with roadwork barriers.

Eventually police managed to intercept the vehicle and then confronted the 40-year-old female driver who according to police allegedly appeared intoxicated and was disqualified from having a driver’s licence.

Police are continuing to highlight the dangers of drink driving after an incident earlier this month where a motorist came close to crashing on a major arterial road. Source: QPS

The woman was then transported to a local watch house where police report she returned a blood alcohol concentration of .297, almost six times the legal limit.

She was later charged with high range drink driving.

She is due to appear at Brisbane Magistrates Court on June 30.

Queensland Police have requested that motorists re-think getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

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