Australian journalist Adam Harvey has been hit by a stray bullet in the Philippine city of Marawi.

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ABC news reporter shot in Philippines


VIDEO An Australian news reporter, the son of legendary Peter Harvey, has survived being shot in the neck while covering unrest in the Philippines. Source: 7 News ABC news reporter shot in Philippines

"Thanks everyone - I'm okay. Bullet is still in my neck, but it missed everything important," Mr Harvey tweeted on Thursday afternoon.

The ABC's Southeast Asia correspondent was injured while on assignment in Marawi, where the Philippine military is trying to take back parts of the city from Islamic State.

Australian journalist Adam Harvey received medical attention for a gunshot wound. Photo: AAP

His sister Claire Harvey told 2GB radio that he might have to undergo surgery - hopefully in Singapore - to remove the bullet.

"It looks like this bullet has got him in the gap between the bottom of his helmet and the top of his vest," she said.

An ABC News spokesman confirmed Mr Harvey was receiving medical treatment for the injury, which was not serious.

Mr Harvey was mobbed by a swarm of local journalists as he left what appeared to be a hospital wearing a neck brace and blue helmet.

An X-ray showing the bullet. Photo: AAP

"I've just gone to get an X-ray to get it checked out," the Australian says in the video posted on Twitter by DDZB Super Radyo.

He was inside the provincial capitol compound where local and foreign journalists have congregated during the more than three weeks of fighting, the government's crisis management committee spokesman, Zia Alonto Adiong said.

Although the compound is secured by the military, it is only about two kilometres from the pockets of the city that the gunmen control.

"I want to appeal to everyone you should be very careful because in our assessment the vicinity of the 103rd (military camp), the vicinity of the capitol is within the line of sight of the enemy," local military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jo-ar Herrera told reporters in the compound after the shooting incident.

Australian journalist Adam Harvey has been hit by a stray bullet. Photo: AAP

Harvey was taken to the nearby city of Iligan for medical treatment, Adiong said.

At least 26 civilians and 58 security forces have died in the conflict, according to authorities. They say more than 200 militants have been killed.

The city of 200,000 people has been largely abandoned due to the fighting, which has seen the military relentlessly bomb the areas held by the militants, with residents fleeing to nearby towns.

However hundreds of civilians are trapped in the militant-controlled areas with some being used as human shields, according to the military.

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