A Sudanese man jailed for beating an elderly pensioner swore and shouted at the magistrate as he was being sentenced.

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Tirade in court after Sudanese man found guilty of assault


VIDEO Tirade in court after Sudanese man found guilty of assault. Source: 7 News Tirade in court after Sudanese man found guilty of assault

Akec Akec, 22, was drunk and high on cannabis when he punched John Drake twice in the face and broke his nose outside his house in Geelong.

Another man then used a hockey stick to split the 80-year-old’s head open.

Drake claims he still has headaches and nosebleeds following the attack. Source: 7 News

Drake still has scars from the bashing and he now suffers headaches and nose-bleeds.

In court today, the 22-year-old accused the magistrate of being “unfair” and that he just getting drug money from Drake.

The court heard Akec was bailed for other violent offences just five days before the assault.

Akec has been sentenced to 14 months jail. Source: 7 News

The schizophrenic had no supporters in court, including his parents who brought Akec to Australia with his eight siblings when he was eight.

He has been sentenced to 14 months jail with a non-parole period of eight. With time already served, he may be released in six months.

Drake suffered a severely broken nose. Source: 7 News

Drake said the attackers had "nothing else to do".

"What do you do when you want to have some fun? 'Let's go bash an old guy' - that's their fun.

"In the old days, we used to go swimming and rock climbing."

Drake said it doesn't matter how long the sentence is.

"It doesn't matter if he gets out in six months or six year, if he hasn't learned anything from it."

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