A terminally ill father and his son are pushing for Australia's iconic surf lifesavers to become the next big Lego theme, in an effort to educate kids about being sun smart.

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Aussie dad hopes to save lives with sun smart Lego


VIDEO Aussie dad hopes to save lives with sun smart Lego. Source: 7 News Aussie dad hopes to save lives with sun smart Lego

Doctors have told Damien MacRae that they’ve exhausted all options for his aggressive brain cancer, which started out as a melanoma on his ear.

The 42-year-old lawyer has started a passion project with his six-year-old son Aiden, a prototype for a surf rescue theme Lego set to highlight the importance of skin cancer checks and sun protection.

The father and son dream needs 10,000 votes for Lego theme to become a reality and for the famous toy brand to consider selling it in stores.

Damien MacRae and son Aiden are hoping their passion project will help parents talk to their children about the importance of skin protection. Source: 7 News

The theme, based on Australia's red and yellow beach warriors, is designed to inspire children and parents to talk about the importance of skin protection.

"I would have loved a beach set as a kid. As an Aussie, you go to the beach all the time,” Mr MacRae said.

“Everyone wearing hats, everyone wearing sunscreen.”

Damien MaCrae said he knows his time with son Aiden is limited. Source: 7 News
Their project now needs 10,000 votes to help it become a reality. Source: 7 News

Surf Life Saving Australia’s Shane Daw praised the father and son duo for their remarkable sun smart theme.

“What a fantastic idea, getting some strong messages out there about sun safety, about water safety about beach safety,” Mr Daw said.

Click here to vote for Damien and Aiden MacRae's surf rescued theme lego project.

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