Frightening impact of drug that turns users into 'the walking dead'

Video footage shows the frightening impact of a ‘zombie drug’ tipped to be Australia’s next epidemic.

The footage has documented the crippling effects of the synthetic cannabis "Spice", which leaves users in a zombie like state.

Because the drug is cheap, selling for about $15 a hit, it’s been flagged as the next problem authorities will need to tackle.

Spice is more addictive than ice and the withdrawals are worse than heroin.

'Spice' is considered more deadly than heroin.

The drug turns users into the walking dead, and they appear in an almost frozen state.

Confronting footage has emerged showing how Spice or “fake weed”, has transformed the streets of Manchester, UK, into something resembling a horror film.

Users have been filmed passed out in their own vomit, turning blue, screaming in agony and wandering the streets unaware of their surroundings.

It gets its nickname due to the physical effects it has on users.

Side effects include: acute agitation, confusion and disorientation.

In the UK it’s considered the drug of choice for the homeless and most vulnerable.

Spice is just one type of synthetic cannabis - sold under more than 600 names.

These include Mojo, Scooby Snax, Black Mamba and Annihilation.

'Spice' is wreaking havoc around the world, transforming users into "zombies". Source: Getty Images

The streets of Manchester, UK, have been inundated with the cheap synthetic "fake weed". Source: YouTube

In Russia and the UK it's reached epidemic proportions and it's already on the back streets in Australia.

While NSW Police monitor its availability doctors have warned users don't stand a chance.

In Europe mortality rates for users are high, with only two years from addiction to death.

Up until recently the drug was only believed to be a problem in prisons, however its increasing popularity, low cost and addictive nature has seen it become a staple of the UK and the US drug scenes.

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