Port Hills heroes risk lives driving through flames to save friend's home

A group of Port Hills heroes have risked their own lives driving through flames in an effort to check on their mate's house.

Port Hills heores risk lives driving through flames to save friend's home

Port Hills heores risk lives driving through flames to save friend's home

Resident Andy Nicholson was watching TV when he noticed smoke coming from the hills.

The Early Valley Road resident thought he could see trouble coming from his good friend and neighbour's house.

Springing into action, Nicholson, a member of the local community fire group, quickly grabbed his son and other neighbour before jumping in the ute and driving toward the flames in an effort to help.

"We believe we are our own first response ... we often get to fires 15 minutes before anyone else gets to it," Mr Nicholson said.

Flames engulf the Port Hills as Mr Nicholson, his son and neighbour race to save their friend's home. Photo: Andy Nicholson

The trio were soon surrounded by strong flames enveloping the ute.

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Son Robert Nicholson swiftly pulled his phone out and began recording.

"We drove for a few seconds there with flames enveloping the ute - it was far more advanced than I gave it credit for," Mr Nicholson said.

The trio arrived at their neighbour's property and pumped 500 litres of firefighting foam and water around the property to protect it.

Photo: Governors Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade/Facebook

The fire began to surround them, so they quickly made their escape.

"We were doing quite well until we got told to go ... which annoyed the hell out of us, because we sort of know what we're doing," he said.

"I think The Gambler happened to be playing on the radio by sheer accident ... 'know when to walk away, know when to run' - well we knew when to run!" he laughed.

Mr Nicholson soon returned to his own home to find the fire had burned through his fencing.

Fortunately his home was not touched by the inferno.

Early Valley Road remains cordoned.

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