Dunedin restaurant creates Donald Trump pizza

A restaurant in Dunedin has created a pizza based on the policies of US president Donald Trump.

Dunedin restaurant creates Donald Trump pizza

The Trump. Credit: Filadelfio's Gardens/Facebook

Filadelfio's Gardens, on North Road, has concocted 'The Trump', a pizza that's American on one side and Mexican on the other.

Dissecting the pie is a "wall" made of barbecue sauce.

It's a reference to Trump's controversial executive order to build a wall on the border of the US and Mexico, which, he said, is needed to keep out illegal immigrants from Central America.

Filadelfio's Gardens in Dunedin. Photo: Google Maps

A photo of the pizza was posted to the restaurant's Facebook page on Monday and has been shared dozens of times and liked by more than 500 people.

Restaurant owner Logan Beck told Fairfax Media: "I thought 'Let's create something and see if we can boost the night along'."

"How Dunedin resists!" one fan of the page commented on the post.

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