Shooting wild bears, making alternate endings to TV shows and now detonating high-powered explosives - when the Make-A-Wish Foundation comes knocking, it really holds true to its word.

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prime minister, governor general, afp join forces to make boys wish come true


VIDEO Prime Minister, Governor General, AFP join forces to make boys wish come true Declan Malcolm Turnbull blow something up. Source: 7News prime minister, governor general, afp join forces to make boys wish come true

Declan McLean-Pauley, 12, is currently in remission after a hard fight with leukemia and his request was simple; he wanted to watch things explode.

A casual meeting with the Australian Prime Minister was also thrown in to sweeten the deal.

The foundation delivered by organising a day out with the Australian Federal Police’s Specialist Response Group in Majura, Canberra.

The AFP and Make-A-Wish Foundation joined forces to make Declan's dream come true.
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was very welcoming of young Declan. Source: AAP

"The family were blown away with the wish," Australian Federal Police’s David Sharpe said. "We don't often get a police wish, so I was quite excited."

According to a video published to Facebook on Nov. 29 by the police force, Declan blew up all kinds of stuff, including walls, doors and a special display comprised of explosives that spelled out his name.

He reportedly made the request because he wanted a distraction from his illness. In a video shared by police, Declan certainly looks distracted. Sporting full protective gear with a detonator in hand, the youngster sends smokey fireballs into the sky with the push of a button.

“He’s definitely in a great spot at the moment,” his mother, Belinda, said after the event. “He’s enjoyed every minute of it.”

Declan endured seven-months of chemotherapy and more than 30 blood transufsions during his battle.
A date with a celebrity? Nah, let's go blow stuff up.

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