Emergency operation at Auckland Airport after plane forced to return

There may have been smoke when an Air New Zealand plane made an emergency return to Auckland's airport - but there was no fire, the airline says.

Emergency operation at Auckland Airport after fire

Emergency services attend the incident at Auckland Airport. Photo: Lookin/Twitter

Flight NZ296 had to turn back and landed safely in the incident on Saturday morning, with no danger to reported to crew or passengers.

Witnesses reported seeing smoke coming from the plane's brakes, but Air New Zealand says an engineering problem had caused hydraulic fluid to leak onto the hot brakes, shooting off smoke.

A spokeswoman said there was no fire but engineers were inspecting the plane for a mechanical fault.

The incident prompted slight delays at the airport, after the runway was briefly closed in an emergency lockdown following the plane's safe landing.

There were 293 passengers on board and no reports of injuries.

Fire communications told Fairfax Media that the pilot of the Boeing 777 had declared the emergency just after touching down in Auckland.

Six crews and other emergency services attended the incident.

- With NZN

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