Toddler with new hearing aid dances jig when he hears mum's voice for first time

A two-year-old boy who lost his hearing shortly after birth heard his mum's voice for the first time after being fitted with new hearing aids.

Kaiden Orantes's face lit up as he danced when he heard his mum Caitlin talk to him on camera.

The mother uploaded the footage of the moment to her Facebook page and it has now been shared more than 150 times from her page.

Orantes, from Princeton, New Jersey, told ABC News in the US that her son was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss.

Doctors fitted him with hearing aids in an effort to improve the boy's language and hearing.

Caitlin with her young son Kaiden. Photo: Facebook/Caitlin Orantes

"This kid is obsessed with music," she told ABC.

"I’ve had videos of him going crazy and trying to sing. He can’t form too many words."

Orantes said one day she hopes Kaiden can have a cochlear implant.


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