Boys link arms in school sports day sprint to let mate with Down's syndrome win race

A group of school friends decided to link arms in a school sports day race in order to come second and let their mate with Down's syndrome win.

And the Year 6 boys from Wrawby St Mary's C of E Primary School near Scunthorpe, UK, were thanked by the mum of 11-year-old friend Rory Kettles for letting him win gold.

The Year 6 boys at Wrawby St Mary's link arms to finish joint second. Photo: Caters

"He was over the moon he won, really pleased," Rory's mum Ros told the MailOnline.

"The boys in his class came up with the idea, which was lovely and went to the PE coordinator and told him they wanted Rory to win in his last, final sports day."

She added that Rory was a sporty boy who plays tennis and badminton, as well as football with his brother.

Rory storms home while his mates all come second. Photo: Caters

"It was brilliant and such a lovely gesture. Rory has had a fantastic time at Wrawby school and they have all been really supportive," her mum added.


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