Raw: Frightening moment tiger lunges for woman at zoo

This is the moment a sneaky white tiger lunged at a woman after tourists were heard bating the rare animal in front of its enclosure.

In the clip, the woman can be seen sitting in front of the tiger as it stalks her.

At the last minute, as she turns around and the tiger leaps with ferocity - straight into the glass wall.

Lion expert Adam Roberts, from Born Free USA, said it was lucky for the family that the barrier withstood the tiger's force.

"If the barrier had not held, the consequences could have been catastrophic," Mr Roberts said.

The incident, which is believed to have taken place at a Russian Zoo, is the latest to spark debate about how people interact with captive animals.

It follows a series of recent incidents, including a lion charging at a young boy in Japan's Chiba Zoological park, and the shooting of a gorilla in the US after a child fell into its enclosure.

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