Police warn about 'pornography' scam on electronic devices

New Zealand police have issued a warning to the public about a scam popping up on electronic devices.

Police warn about 'pornography' scam on electronic devices

Police warn about 'pornography' scam on electronic devices

Te Awamutu police have shared a screenshot of the scam on Facebook.

Police wrote: "As you can see in the photo the New Zealand Police logo is prominently displayed."

"Be assured we the police would not alert you electronically that you are under investigation. If your were under investigation for these sort of crimes, the first you will know about it will probably when we turn up to your house with a search warrant.

"If you are into these sort of crimes, you better put the kettle on."

One woman wrote on the post that her son had "got that and the virus ruined his phone".

Several people asked the police how to remove it from their phones.

One person wrote: "We had this on my partners phone it locks you out of everything and it even took a pic of our ceiling where it was sitting they asked for $250 to unlock it. You can Google the problem and they tell you step by step how to remove it."

Another woman wrote: "This happend to my boyfrends phone last year. I called Hamilton police and they didnt want to know about it at all. Basically said they had nothing on their system about it thus it didnt exist!!!!. IT IS FIXABLE!!!! I contacted the phone maker (in our case Samsung) and they did a factory reset at their end and installed all the latest security updates (as my partner had not been installing them due to lack of data). Phone came back, good as new... he just lost all his photos etc tho.."

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