Savage kiwi tussle filmed by tourist

New Zealand's national bird is known for being soft, cuddly, and extremely shy.

But, as a German tourist visiting Stewart Island has found, maybe our presumptions of our favourite native bird are unfounded.

Posting a video online on Wednesday, YouTube user Darwin revealed a mess of flying feathers as his footage of two kiwi going hell for feather began to circulate.

"Thats so damn cute... even if their fighting...their still cute [sic]," one YouTube user said.

"Wow - I live on the mainland just across from Stewart Island and have never seen a Kiwi out in daylight," said another.

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The video's author knew it was a rarity seeing a nocturnal bird like the kiwi active during the day, let alone watching them viciously scrap it out amidst the foliage.

"It was a special moment. Really amazing," he said.

Twitter users were quick to share the kiwi scrap video. Photo: AshSimmonds/Twitter

"A woman told me that the Kiwis don't have any real enemies anymore and that might be the reason why they're awake on daylight. But I don't know if that's true."

Whether this was part of a mating ritual, or a full on brawl for territorial gain, one thing is for sure - the memory of this special encounter is one the video's author won't be able to shake for a long time.


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