Teenage vandals throw seat from moving train on to busy Sydney motorway

Disturbing footage has emerged of a group of teenage boys throwing a seat from a moving train on to a Sydney highway.

The video is believed to be filmed on a train over the busy M2 motorway.

The youth is seen standing at the door waiting for the right moment to launch the seat into the air. Photo: Facebook

One teen holds the seat while standing at an open train door, waiting for the perfect moment to launch the object.

As the tree-line gives way to a multi-lane road, the boy tosses the seat out the door among cries of “holy s**t!’ from his friends.

As the train passes over the motorway, the teen throws the chair towards unsuspecting motorists below. Photo: Facebook

“I swear if you hit a f***ing car, bro,” one boy can be heard saying, as the rest of them break into laughter.

At least four teenagers are thought to be involved.

Police told Yahoo!7 they are aware of the incident and are launching an investigation.

"Throwing objects from trains is incredibly dangerous and reckless. Any individual undertaking this activity puts their lives at serious risk and can potentially risk the safety of others," the spokesman said.

"Officers from police transport command have commenced an investigation into the incident and are urging anyone with information about the incident to contact crime stoppers on 1800 333 000."

News break – March 12

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