Mumma dog reunited with newborn pups after being abandoned at shelter in touching video

Workers at a California animal shelter recorded a dog's reunion with her newborn puppies, showing how a mother's bond is never broken.

A timid mother sits hiding in the corner of a concrete room, too afraid to move.

Then she hears a whelp and comes running over to find her lost babies all together, her whole body shaking from a wagging tail.

Mother dog Cora was scared and alone after being handed over to the animal shelter. Source: Marin Humane Society/Facebook

The sad tale with the happy ending started Saturday when an owner surrendered the female dog Cora to the Marin Humane Society shelter north of San Francisco.

Staff gave the girl a check up and discovered she had recently given birth, reports.

The pups were reunited with their mother after they was handed over to the shelter. Source: Marin Humane Society/Facebook

They called the former owner to ask about the puppies but they were not forthcoming with the truth.

After some convincing, the former owner agreed to hand the puppies over, accepting they were too young to be separated from their mother.

Humane Society workers filmed as mother ran from her corner to her four pups, running back and forth in the pen to make sure they were all there as she corralled them into her bed.

All the pups having a snooze together. Source: Marin Humane Society/Facebook

As mum was already called Cora, staff followed a Downton Abbey theme and named the three boy pups Branson, Carson and Molesley and the sole girl Edith.

The shelter's director of marketing and communications Lisa Bloch said: "They've re-bonded very quickly… Mom and babies are doing great."

All four puppies will head off their new homes once they are mature enough and they find families to adopt them.

Puppies having a kip. Source: Marin Humane Society/Facebook

Cora too has also had several people enquire about her, much to the relief of the Humane Society staff who said older dogs are often harder to find homes for compared to puppies.

The Marine Humane Society posted video to their Facebook page after it started going viral, basking in the warm glow of the happy ending.

"Eat your heart out Kim Kardashian - there's nothing like the power of heartwarming stories about animals!" they wrote.


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