A Northern Territory man will go down in history for breaking the world record for the loudest burp.

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Northern Territory man with world's loudest burp


Nev Sharp, of Humpty Doo, put his rather incredible belching skills to the test in a sound proof recording studio earlier this week.

Nev just beat the world's largest burp record. Photo: NT News.

He managed to reach 110.6 decibels.

NT News reports the unofficial measurement has beaten the world record held by Paul Hunn, at 109.9 decibels.

Mr Sharp is awaiting reply from the Guinness World Records, so he can have his burp formally tested.

If awarded a record, Mr Sharp could be soon rubbing shoulders with the likes of the man who squirts milk from his eye, and the woman who sniffs feet.

He told NT News having the world’s loudest burp had been a goal of his since he was a child.

“I’m always training. I just have to ask my next door neighbours behind us,” he said.

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