'They didn't speak English!': Truckie confronts driver after dangerous swerve

Footage has emerged which reportedly shows a foreigner driving on the wrong side of the road and almost colliding with an oncoming car.

Truckie Richie Dawson captured the incident while he was driving a milk tanker near Woodend in Canterbury on Monday.

The dashcam footage shows a car, which is believed to be an Avis rental, swerving onto the wrong side of the road.

It was lucky the car avoided a collision with an oncoming car.

Dawson said it was an "every day thing" he saw on the road.

"I stopped at Woodend where they got fuel and had a word," he said in a message to Duncan Garner which was republished by Radio Live.

"Explained how bad it was and what they did wrong, and they just said they didn't speak English!!!"

Dawson hoped that by releasing the footage it would make drivers more aware of the dangers on the road.


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