Man tries to strangle Orthodox Jew outside Melbourne synagogue and screams 'swear to Allah'

Violence erupted outside a Victorian synagogue after a man shouted ‘swear to Allah’ as he tried to strangle a Jewish man.


The man was quickly tackled by a group of men dressed in religious attire, when he became violent.

Photo: 4Yiddish YouTube

Video shows the man in a dispute with a group of Orthodox Jews outside the Adass Synagogue in Ripponlea, south of Melbourne.

The man then slapped another in the face when he was told to ‘talk nicely’.

The victim and another man then cornered him and asked him to settle down as the police had been called.

“You settle down right now. You've got booze inside of you, true or not?” One of the men said.

Photo: 4Yiddish Youtube

The man who claimed he was Aboriginal, started shouting at the men: ‘Go back to Israel’ and asked ‘Do you want to swear to Allah?’.

One of the men responds: ‘I am from Australia’.

The offender was then seen on camera trying to grab the Jewish man’s throat.

He was quickly tackled to the ground.

Moments later police arrived and took him away in handcuffs.

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