ISIS-linked New Zealanders 'want to commit attacks at home'

Kiwis that are linked to the ISIS terrorist movement want to commit atrocities at home, according to the Prime Minister.

However, John Key told Radio New Zealand the most threatening of the 40-odd Kiwis under surveillance are being watched constantly, so are not likely to be able to carry out a terror assault on home soil.

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Most New Zealanders associated with ISIS are on the fringes of the jihadist group and are involved in activities such as money raising, offering support on social media, or attempting to travel to the Middle East to fight, he said.

"There's no question about what their motivations are and that's the tragedy of the ISIS story is that you get some very dysfunctional people, for want of a better term, who want to associate themselves with ISIS," he told Radio New Zealand.

"My concern always is not about the people we know about but the ones we don't know about and that's what we've seen in Paris with the tragedies there."

While some New Zealanders are raising finances for ISIS they hadn't been charged because "it's not clear cut when you get to court" and there had to be strong evidence before bringing them before a judge.

Key said New Zealand remains committed to its task of training the Iraqi Security Force for two years.

"The point is, do we want to be there forever or risk that we get stuck there forever?" he said.

"It's quite a commitment - it's well over 100 people, it costs a lot and we're making a difference but I think at some point we should really come and go from that scenario."

"On the military front we're not looking to do anything different so there's no papers floating around and there's no work happening as far as I'm aware.

"There's no intention to move beyond where we're at because where we're at is a pretty decent contribution and I think recognised as such."

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