'Oral sex' billboard OK, says advertising standards

A property development company has come under fire for their suggestive billboard in Christchurch.

Billboard deemed offensive by some drivers

Billboard deemed offensive by some drivers

The Gillman Wheelans advertisement, which shows a man and a woman working on a construction project, also shows their shadows in a rather risque-looking position.

Next to the words "Getting the job done", the woman is kneeling down facing away from the smiling man, but her shadow appears to be performing oral sex.

A complaint was filed with the Advertising Standards Authority, with many describing it as socially irresponsible.

According to NZME a member of the public known as C.Logan filed the complaint, stating the advertisement is "deeply offensive" and an "objectifying, demeaning sexualisation of women."

She added another point to her message: "As a woman who has worked in construction in the past, the already entrenched sexism faced daily is only worsened by the proliferation of this kind of advertising message in public spaces."

Ultimately the authority closed the complaint, citing the suggested sexual tone is subtle and that the use of humour is allowed.

The company's director Hamish Wheelans said: "Sometimes people like the ad. Sometimes they don't.

"A few people get offended by it. That's life. We are prepared to push the boundaries to what we think is reasonable."


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