FIRST ON 7: Incredible images from inside the Inskip Point sinkhole

These are the incredible photos taken by divers who undertook a salvage operation to remove camping equipment, a caravan and a 4-WD from a sinkhole at Inskip Point in Queensland.

The salvage operation could take longer than first thought as divers went into the water and made some surprise discoveries.

The first underwater pictures from Inskip Point. Photo: 7 News

A team from 'Wolf Rock Dive' captured these amazing pictures.

There are trees and fuel cans trapped in there too among other debris from a hastily evacuated campsite and a 4WD is still missing.

Inside the Inskip Point sinkhole. Photo: 7 News

Kevin Phillips, a spokesman for Wolf Rock Dive, told 7 News: "Half the forest has gone into the sinkhole, so it's an absolute maze of trees and bushes and timber and then there's the debris field from the caravan."

The near shore landslide happened three days ago but only now have divers been allowed in to survey the bottom.

What was left after the sinkhole. Photo: 7 News

They say the sea floor looks like 'quicksand.'

Mr Phillips added: "The bottom of the sinkhole is still very fluid, it's a real loose soupy sandy fluid, you can stick your whole arm into it like that and pull it back out."

Nearby campers who ran for safety when the ground gave way are set up again between the trees near the shoreline of Inskip point.

Another metre of sand eroded from the shoreline on Monday night.

Camper Jeanette Turner said: "Still a little nervous at night, it was pretty scary."

But the campers have vowed to keep coming back.

Wendy Kleidon told 7 News: "Without campers I don't think Rainbow would survive."

Salvage crews will continue the underwater operation on Wednesday.

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