This iPhone dock is scratching my phone : Driver s cassette fail goes viral
'This iPhone dock is scratching my phone': Driver's cassette fail goes viral

A customer's complaint to a New York car dealer about his car's "iPhone charger" has gone viral.

The issue - the driver thought the cassette deck was an iPhone charger.

Mike Smith Buick GMC posted photos on Facebook of the jammed iPhone.

"So a young driver stops in with an older car complaining the iPhone dock in his vehicle isn't working and its scratching his phone," the Facebook post from Mike Smith Buick GMC said.

More than 36,200 people have liked the post, and it has had 173,902 shares.

Mark R. Bradley commented on the post: "Proof that smartphones are making kids dumb."

Gwendolen Ann wrote: "Are you kidding me?????????!!"

But Syndi Cherry Steele came to the driver's defence, commenting: "Why are you all making fun of a person who is not OLD ENOUGH TO REMEMBER THEM."

And Julia Echols said developers should jump on the idea.

"Lol.... Funny but if they had sense they would market this idea to the car companies to place a docking station in cars but with the ability to protect the phone screen."

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