Where is Jayde Kendall?

A week on and it was back to the beginning to where Jayde Kendall was last seen getting into this red Toyota Corolla hatchback.

It belongs to an 18-year-old student who picked Jayde up from school last Friday afternoon at 3:15.

He says they drove around the Brisbane CBD and the outskirts of Gatton before he dropped her off.

Detective Inspector Dave Isherwood said the driver, who knew Jayde through school and work, was only a person of interest and has told police he dropped her off at a "certain point" some hours later.

"He's been very helpful and, as I said, the explanation he's given is quite plausible," Det Insp Isherwood said on Friday.

But police need the public's help to confirm his claims and are calling on anyone who remembers seeing the car to come forward.

The car which is undergoing testing. Source: Supplied

"The fact remains that we just can't identify anyone who has actually seen where he's told us they were."

It's easily identifiable with faded paint and a missing hubcap. The car has since been seized for forensic testing," Detective Inspector Isherwood said.

This morning on a website to help find Jayde her family posted: "It was this time last Friday where Jayde was preparing herself for school."


Jayde's disappearance has gripped the small town of Gatton.

Her photo is posted in every shop window And her name is on everyone's lips along with the question: Where is she?

Missing girl Jayde Kendall. Source: Supplied

Residents have told 7 News Jayde's disappearance is "totally unexpected" in the area with many adding that they felt "very sorry for her and her family".

Community members are helping in the search wherever they can and have vowed to keep looking and searching for clues until they find Jayde.

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