Man uses social media app to livestream police chase

If anyone was in any doubt about the depths of the world’s obsession with social media, this should confirm all of our worst fears.

A man has used live streaming app Periscope to broadcast his own police chase in real time, including the moments leading up to his subsequent arrest.

The video begins as the driver is still racing away from police. Photo: YouTube

Details of who the man is and why the police were chasing him were unclear, but it appears they were treating it as a serious crime.

The offender/commentator has a North American accent and multiple police cars can be seen at different stages of the video.

A helicopter is also heard.

It has been suggested by a viewer of the video that the car was stolen but that is unconfirmed.

Early in the clip the offender can be heard saying: “We’re just running ‘cause we want to.”

An officer gives chase as other occupants of the car run. Photo: YouTube

Not long after this the car stops and passengers can be seen running from it with police behind them.

A female police officer uses a loudspeaker to order the driver to 'put his hands on his head' and 'to exit the vehicle'.

As the stand off continues, the offender commentates and responds to viewers caught up in the action.

Smiling, he appears largely unfazed, but yells 'don’t shoot me, dude' as he ignores orders to leave the car.

The man follows police orders to put his hands on his head but refuses to leave the driver's seat. Photo: YouTube

“Oh man, it’s kinda scary though,” he says, as viewers of the video ask if what they were watching was real or just a training exercise.

Finally he relents, telling the audience: “Alright guys, I’m going to bounce out because they’re about to arrest me.”

“Later, dude. Hope y’all like my video.”

Morning news break – August 21

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