FIRST ON 7: Speed cameras making more money than ever

Mobile cameras, fixed cameras and red light speed cameras are all making more money than ever.

FIRST ON 7: Speed cameras

FIRST ON 7: Speed cameras are making more money than ever. Photo: 7 News

Jodi McKay, Shadow Roads and Police Minister, told 7 News: "It is staggering the amount of money that this government is raking in."

In five years, revenue from mobile speed cameras has gone from $1.6 million to more than $12.1million.

Red light speed cameras have gone from $22 million to $100 million and fixed camera revenue has jumped from $52.1 million to $65million.

In all, revenue from speed and red light cameras has jumped from $78 million to $178 million.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said: "We think it's alarming because we are worried there are still too many people speeding but we are also alarmed because we think we are going to become too overly reliant on speed cameras."

The biggest earning fixed cameras were:

Eastern Distributor- $3.9million

Cross city tunnel- $2.5million

Botany Road, Roseberry- $2.2million

Cleveland Street Moore Park $2.1million

While the most snapped mobile sites are Great Western Highway at Colyton, Carlingford Road, Carlingford, Knox Road, Doonside and Water Street Belfield.

Ms McKay added: "Nothing replaces high visibility policing and we would like to see more highway patrol officers on the road."

The most snapped mobile sites. Photo: 7 News

While speed camera revenue has soared, the number of people booked by officers has actually fallen over that time.

The government pours fine revenue into road safety but the NRMA wants more spent on highway patrols.

Road Minister Duncan Gay has repeatedly promised to end the days of cash cows reaping big bucks from drivers.

The biggest earning fixed cameras. Photo: 7 News

He said: "They're more a cash cow than a road safety implement."

But one camera put on probation for offering minimal road safety value was on Carlingford Road.

The NRMA is calling for more money to be spent pn highway patrols. Photo: 7 News

Now that stretch of road which is less than 3ks has a fixed camera, a red light speed camera and was the third highest earning mobile camera location.

Ms Mckay added: "I think that's cheeky, I think the government is obviously there to make money"

Mr Gay said: "It's certainly something I am more than willing to have a look at."

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