Girl, 7, dies in NSW horror crash

The parents of a little girl, who was killed in a crash in the state's central west, say she was the heart of their family and loved by their whole town.

Rebecca Karini was in the car with her dad and little brother Eli, 4, when tragedy struck the family on Thursday night.

It's the second tragedy to hit the small community around Portland, just a month ago one of her young classmates died on the same stretch of road.

The last photo taken of Rebecca Karini died in a horrific car crash in Portland. Photo: 7 News

John Karini told 7 News: "It's just so hard to believe that she's gone."

The last pictures of Rebecca were taken in her Taekwondo uniform for the first time, for a class she would never make it to.

Her father John was driving along Pipers Flat Road at Portland, he tried to turn the car around but collided with a truck.

John and Eli survived the crash, but Becky could not be saved.

Rebecca was very protective of her little brothers. Photo: 7 News

Rebecca's distraught mum told 7 News: "We just wanted everyone to know what Rebecca means to us.

"I don't want people to see pictures of the car she was in, I just want people to know who she was."

Rebecca was described as a happy, kind and gentle little girl who was fiercely protective of her younger brothers.

Mr Karini said: "I asked her brother this morning, if he knew where Rebecca was, and he said, yes daddy, Beccy's in heaven now, having a party and she's enjoying that party very much."

Rebecca's dad John was trying to turn their car round when it collided with a truck on Pipers Flat Road in Portland. Photo: 7 News

Just last month another seven-year-old was killed only a few hundred metres away, on the same stretch of road.

Simon Williams went to the same school as Rebecca in the same class.

Leanne Abbas told 7 News: ""We've lost two beautiful children, they should drop the speed limit to 80, it's just way too fast"

The Coroner will decide if the road is unsafe and what needs to change, to prevent this happening again.

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