Terrifying moment a news crew is robbed during live report

Shocking video has been shared online of a news crew being robbed at gunpoint just as they were due to go live on TV.

A group of crews from four local television networks had been at San Francisco’s Pier 14 reporting on a fatal shooting when a man, covered in a black mask, approached two of the news crew and robbed them at gunpoint.

KTVU Fox 2 went live to reporter Cara Liu as the incident was unfolding.

Video, which was posted to YouTube by KTVU, captures the moment Ms Liu runs away from the camera with a terrified look on her face.

She can be heard saying, "hold on, hold on, there is an incident out here".

Moments earlier Ms Liu could be seen looking off-camera as the armed man begins to pistol whip KNTV cameraman Alan Waples.

A woman yells “don’t shoot” and a man tells Ms Liu to “run”.

The robber then flees with a tripod and camera, which continues streaming the scene to viewers.

No one was injured during the robbery which took place last month.

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