Humanity's long-term relationship with sugar is now turning toxic

There's no denying children and sweets are made for each other, but new research shows that exciting relationship is written into our brains.

But this ancient connection is proving harmful in the modern world.

Studies coming out of the US have shown the way a child's brain lights up when consuming sugar.

Researchers at Yale University took MRI scans of children's brains as they sipped milkshakes to find their sweet tooth craving going far deeper than adults.

In one study participants were asked to select the sugary drinks the preferred and the diverging results from children and adults were startling.

People are hardwired to crave sugar, but now it's proving more harm than good. Source: 7News

"The results showed adults preferred the solution to taste about as sweet as a can of soft-drink. But children selected a sample which was the equivalent of fizzy drink - plus an extra 11 teaspoons of sugar," the study found.

Professor George Neal of the George Institute of Global Health said the relationship between humans and sugar goes back to a time when the substance was sparse.

"The desire children have for sugar is hundreds of thousands of years old. It's something that evolved when sugars were very scarce and hard to come by," Prof Neal said.

Sugar has become too easy to find, but our bodies are yet to adapt to this fact and the cravings persist. Source: 7News

"Unfortunately, nature acts pretty slowly and it hasn't caught up with the fact that sugar is everywhere."

And you only need to look at the increasing prevalence of diabetes and obesity in the developed world to see just how toxic our relationship with sugar has become.

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