Snake squares off with dog and camera

A mad snake was not holding back from lashing out when it was caught between a dog and a person with a camera.

Twisting its body around to strike, the snake squared up with the family dog after it slithered into the backyard.

Taking its role as guard seriously, the dog barked at the serpent but kept its distance.

Coming up from behind, someone holding a camera – likely a phone with a selfie stick – got in close.

Sensing that something was behind it, the turned to strike, biting at the lens in the video posted to LiveLeak

The person with the camera backed away, but then came in again and again the snake lashed out at the camera.

Dog vs snake vs camera. Source: LiveLeak

Eventually the dog backed away, but the camera stayed right up close, capturing how irate and aggressive the snake was.

News break - August 13

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