FIRST ON 7: Whale's clever nudge to get bag removed in Sydney Harbour

This is the remarkable moment a gentle giant decided he needed a favour in Sydney's Middle Harbour.

The friendly whale had a life-threatening plastic bag and fishing line attached to the southern right whale's face and needed to have it removed.

It then decided to give Ivan Iskenderian's boat a nudge to see if he could help.

Ivan and his friend couldn't resist a selfie with the whale. Photo: 7 News

Ivan and his friend, who took the opportunity for the once-in-a-lifetime selfie, were surprised when the mammal bumped into their boat for a bit of attention.

They were even more shocked when the whale then returned for a second time.

The moment Ivan pulled the plastic bag from the whale's face. Photo: 7 News

The moment the bag was taken off the whale was captured from a far on camera. Photo: 7 News

It quickly became apparent that the whale was desperately trying to get their attention for some help.

The whale bobbed just close enough to their boat for Ivan to tear the bag free.

Ivan told 7 News: "I couldn't believe it, we were just laughing, couldn't believe what was happening."

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