Dolphin lunges for phone thinking it's food

The moment when a cheeky dolphin jumped out of the water to try and eat a man’s phone has been caught on camera.

Dolphin lunges for phone thinking it's food

Dolphin lunges for phone thinking it's food

A group of men were enjoying a fishing trip at Whyalla, in South Australia, when they spotted some dolphins swimming alongside their boat.

“Look at that, that's amazing,” says the man holding the camera phone, before he leans out to film the dolphins from a closer angle.

It was then that the cheeky dolphin mistook the camera phone for a tasty treat and jumped up in the air to eat it.

Fortunately for both, the dolphin missed its target, but it did continue to keep a close eye on the boat in case any fishy snacks did appear.

This group of men are not the first people to be caught off guard when an animal acts out.

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