Two-year-old has personal injury lawyer themed birthday

Some kids love dinosaurs and cars, but two-year-old Grayson Dobra is obsessed with a personal injury lawyer from TV commercials.

Morris Bart, a personal injury attorney in the US state of Louisiana, is known for his catchy commercials that encourage the community to sue.

Little Grayson was so taken with Bart’s commercials, his mother, L'erin Dobra, decided to make the man the theme of Grayson's birthday party.

This is one happy kid. He got the birthday party of his dreams. Photo: Facebook

She told The Acadiana Advocate: "Before he could walk or talk, every time the Morris Bart commercial would come on, he was just fixated."

“You couldn’t talk to him. You couldn’t do anything with him. He would just sit and stare at the TV. You could call his name, give him a toy. He didn’t care. He just wanted to watch the Bart commercial."

Grayson watching his favourite television character Morris Bart. Photo: Supplied.

Dobra also called up Bart's and asked if the lawyer himself might be able to attend the party. Bart was unfortunately unable to attend his biggest and youngest fan’s birthday, but sent him an autographed portrait instead.

The party also featured a cake with Bart’s face on it, a T-shirt with his face on it, and a life-size cut out of the lawyer.

Bart told the Wall Street journal: "He might be a future lawyer. That could be a future competitor of mine many years down the road.”

Dobra said everyone at the law office was extremely nice to her family.

“They never once said, "You’re crazy, leave us alone", or anything like that.”

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