Hackers take control of high tech 'smartrifles'

For those not up to speed on the latest developments in the world of firearms – rifles now exist which can be controlled via WiFi.

But in even more unsettling news, security experts have now revealed that it is a relatively simple task to hack into ‘smartrifles’ to disable them or even change their targets.

Michael Auger and Runa Sandvik explain how easily a smartrifle can be manipulated. Photo: YouTube

The rifles are marketed as high tech devices that turn even amateur shooters into deadly accurate marksmen able to hit targets over long distances.

As usual, they are spruiked as a 21st century solution to everything from sport to hunting to self defense.

However, security researchers Runa Sandvik and Michael Auger have now revealed that the weapons can be easily hacked by anyone within WiFi range.

There's more than just a trigger to operate the next generation of weapons. Photo: YouTube

According to a video the pair prepared for Wired, hacking into the gun can allow users to change values and conditions without the owners knowledge, allowing them to convince the gun to hit completely different targets from those intended by the triggermen.

Smartrifles work by allowing the shooter to choose a target and pull the trigger, however, the gun takes it from there.

The weapons allow livestreaming to devices, allowing the shooter to see around corners or for others to see what they see through the scope. Photo: YouTube

It will calculate distance and wind conditions and then wait for the opportune moment to fire after the trigger has been pulled.

According to Sandvik and Auger, the only real limitation they found when hacking the weapons was that they could not tell the weapon to fire unless someone had physically pulled the trigger.

What the gun hit after the trigger had been pulled though, appeared to be completely up to the hackers.

Sandvik and Auger plan to present their findings to the Black Hat security conference in about two weeks time.

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