'Dangerous chemical' found at Hammondville home

A dangerous chemical has been found at a house in Hammondville.

Chemical spill at home in Hammondville

A chemical spill has occured at a home in Hammondville. Photo: 7 News

Emergency services attended the scene and nearby buildings were evacuated.

Emergency services at the scene in Hammondville. Photo: 7 News

A 200 metre exclusion zone was set up and the Bomb Squad attending the scene to dispose of the substance.

A NSW Police spokesman told Yahoo7: "At 9.10am officers were called to a home in Norman Avenue, Hammondville after an occupant located a substance of concern while clearing out the premise.

"Specialist officers are assisting the officers and New South Wales Fire and Rescue officers at the scene.

"The substance has shown to be of minimal risk and the incident is not being treated as suspicious."

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