Mayor tackled during television interview

Washington QuaQua, the mayor of a small coastal region near Rio de Janeiro was simply carrying out his daily duties.

He'd probably just finished a visit to the fish markets with a thin smile, visited a number of schools and promised a number of undeliverables.

He was delivering a hearty press conference when something crossed the mind of 21-year-old Antonio Pedro Ribeiro Barcellos - enough is enough.

The moment 21-year-old Antonio Pedro Ribeiro Barcellos thought 'you know what?'

Aggrieved by the treatment of his grandmother at a local health care facility, Barcellos took matters into his own hands (or right forearm, to be more precise).

Insert JAWS-themed music.

Look out Mr QuaQua, he's coming!

He's still coming!

Pictured from left to right: The flattening elbow of Antonio Pedro Ribeiro Barcellos, Mayor QuaQua, Antonio Pedro Ribeiro Barcellos.

Bye bye, QuaQua.

Within less than nine frames, Mayor QuaQua had hit the bitumen, his cameraman lasting only a few milliseconds longer. They were both treated for minor abrasions by fire crews, bravely standing in for missing paramedics.

Oh dear. The cameraman shows the remains of his late equipment. Photo: Reprodução/ Inter TV

Barcellos, a serial offender, was taken to a nearby police station after being arrested (assumably by the all-encompassing fire crew) where he was eventually collected by his mother.

Morning news break – July 31

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