Naked Canadian man plays banjo during SWAT team standoff

The moment a naked knife wielding Canadian serenaded SWAT team police officers with a banjo has been caught on camera.

Now this is what you call a game changer. Photo: KPTV

Now this is what you call a game changer. Photo: KPTV

Police were called to the Vancouver neighbourhood after the suspect was allegedly seen running around with a knife. When they arrived at the man’s home, he barricaded himself inside for two hours, KPTV reports.

Police remained unmoved by his music. Photo: KPTV

Witnesses told local media the naked banjoist, Andrew Helmsworth, was yelling at officers. Suddenly, he walked outside with a banjo and played an impromptu show for officers.

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Neighbour Melissa Munday told KPTV: "he came out to the front door. We heard - sounded like a guitar, a banjo."

"He didn't want to come any farther,' Munday told KPTV. "He started backing up and they shot him with like a rubber bullet or something."

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Mr Helmsworth, who allegedly assaulted a family member during his rampage, was eventually taken into custody, after being subdued by police.

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