Woman in plastic cube attacked by brown bear

A Japanese game show involving a brown bear and a Plexiglas cube is amusing and terrifying online users.

In the video, a woman is seen screaming inside a Plexiglas cube that is being tossed around by the brown bear.

The woman is Japanese comedian Imoto Ayako.

Not much else is known about the video in the English-speaking world, apart from that fact it’s a little unnerving.

This isn't the first time TV shows have scared and delighted us. Here are some of the best weird TV show moments.

TV host accidentally hits guest performer with axe

A musician in the US is no doubt counting his lucky stars after he escaped being seriously injured when he was hit by a flying axe on live television.

Ben Ross breaks his arm on live television

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Audiences around Australia were shocked to see former rugby league player Ben Ross break his arm on live television.

The Price is exactly right

Game shows have been responsible for more awkward moments than breakfast TV though – like that time when the US version of the Price is Right accidentally gave away a car.

Pop star caught faking it

Live variety shows have had their share of problems too, like the time Pop music footnote Ashlee Simpson was caught out lip syncing on Saturday Night Live.

Host walks out of his own show

David Letterman had a long and storied career as a late night television host, but few guests ever managed to convince him to walk off of his own show. Despite claims of a set up, Letterman has long insisted Back to the Future star Crispin Glover had gone rogue when he swung a wild kick at the host’s head in 1987.

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