Hilarious moment baby meets his mum's twin sister

This is the hilarious moment a 10-month old baby met his mum’s twin sister for the first time.

Hilarious moment baby meets his mum's twin sister

This was the hilarious moment baby Felix met his mum's twin sister. Photo: Youtube/Storyful

Little Felix was born in Lithuania last year and the moment he met his Aunt Steph on a visit to Montreal, Canada was caught on camera and posted to Youtube by his dad.

The little boy is seen in the kitchen before a woman, presumably his mum who is filming, says ‘Alright Felix whose this?’

The camera then turns round to his Aunt Steph who comes bounding up the hallway and excitedly grabs Felix for a cuddle.

Felix flashes her a big smile then the look turns to one of shock and surprise when he tries to work out what is going on.

Felix stares intently into his aunt’s face and even intriguingly touches her chin.

His aunt says 'I don't think he knows what to do' before the woman filming says 'who is that? that's your Aunt Steph'.

As if mimicking what her nephew is thinking, the aunt says 'ah no it's just my mum'.

Felix’s surprised facial expression stays the same for most of the video as his family burst out in laughter at his reaction.

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