Have you seen bigger? Brisbane s North Lakes giant roo. Photo: Seven News
Have you seen bigger? Brisbane's North Lakes' giant roo. Photo: Seven News

Residents in North Lakes, Brisbane, are being kept on the hop.

A massive kangaroo has been spotted on walking tracks in parks and even on the golf course.

Smaller kangaroos are often seen in the area but the big buck stands out from the troop - he has a distinctive tear in his left ear.

Local Linda Hellyer said he is arguably North Lakes most imposing resident.

“He's very intimidating he's a big boy.”

He is more than two metres tall and weighs up to 95 kilograms.

He's the last thing you would expect to run into while walking in the suburbs. But Ms Hellyer came close.

“We turned the corner and old mate jumped out he's very big and I don't want to take him on.

He's got massive, massive muscles, big pecs and everything and he stood up because he was obviously a bit frightened of the dogs,” she said.

But she made sure she kept her distance.

“We didn't intend to get that close because we obviously know kangaroos can be a bit dangerous.”

Allan James also saw the big boy roaming around.

“It's a big one, it is a big roo and I'm used to animals from out in the west and it is a big roo.”

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