What is mysterious statue? Who gnomes?

A woman made an unusual discovery after a garden gnome statue she received as a gift, dropped and cracked open.

What is mysterious statue? Who gnomes?

What is mysterious statue? Who gnomes?

WMSV Channel 4 reports that Heather Andrews, found a mysterious statue within the gnome statue, apparently fused together at the top and bottom of the inner figurine.

The 27-year-old Pulaski, Tennessee woman had just been given the gnome from her childhood friend Jillian Pozzi, as part of an ongoing gag between the two, reports AL.com..

It was one of three gnome statues that Pozzi had given her and when Andrews was unloading them all from her car, the gnome with a secret fell to the ground.

"Opened the door, and it dropped, fell. I went to pick up the pieces and I noticed something inside of it," Andrews explained to WSMV.

The identity of the white statuette inside of the gnome remains a mystery, but some think it is an angel, others say it’s the head of Jesus on a woman’s body.

Andrews said ‘that the face has really intricate detail and someone spent a lot of time on the face. The anatomy on the body looks feminine to me, but I don't know. I’m just biased to it, I guess’.

Pozzi purchased the gnomes, which was made in China, from Target. Andrews and Pozzi decided to crack open the other two gnomes to see if they also contained an inner sculpture, but they came up empty.

The Tennessean asked the retailer about the gnome mystery and received this statement from Evan Lapiska, a Target spokesman:

"We do not have enough information to speak to this specific situation, but we encourage the individual to contact guest relations for additional assistance if they have questions or concerns Target may be able to answer."

At this point Andrews said, "I just want to know where it came from, why they put it there." She’s asked around, showing the statue-within-a-statue to her friends.

Heather and the gnome> Credit: Pete The Gnome Facebook Page

"A lot of people are scared of it, like just creeped out by the idea. We've adopted him and named him Pete," the broken gnome owner said. Andrews even created a Facebook page for the gnome to get an answer to her queries.

The closest guess on Pete the Gnome's Facebook page is from Geraldine Sargent , who found a photo of a winged angel figurine resembling Andrew’s mysterious statue, sans arms and wings. Sargent wrote, “Must have been made at the same factory as these and feel [sic] into the gnome mold.”

No matter what the white figure is, Andrews says, "People have told me that gnomes represent guardians of treasure, and that may be his treasure just inside him."

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