The UK’s ‘most hated’ woman

She's the most reviled, widely detested woman in Britain - and she's threatening to come to Aus, and tell us what she really thinks of us.

Meet the UK’s ‘most hated’ woman

Meet the UK’s ‘most hated’ woman

Katie Hopkins, 38, a British social commentator and former contestant on The Apprentice, is notorious for her controversial, decidedly nasty comments about other people.

“I've been the biggest bitch in Britain for a long time now,” she admits.

Katie Hopkins continues to blurt out anything, no matter how unfounded or cruel. Arguably, just to get attention.

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“Fat people is just complete laziness, one in five of our kids goes into a primary school nowadays fat or obese.

“I've sat alongside a few very fat people who for some reason always get their bingo wings out when they're sat next to me and rub them against me, which I find horrible,” Katie says.

But Aussie social commentator, Prue McSween, on Celebrity Apprentice Australia says the one that's "horrible" is Katie herself.

For example, Katie doesn’t hide her thoughts on red-haired babies:

“I'd probably have swapped it on the ward for some other better looking baby, some blonde baby from a nice middle class family, much nicer.”

But she stops at the many red-haired royals like Prince Harry:

“As you get older of course, ginger can, on occasion become quite dashing and I think Prince Harry has managed to corner the market in that because he's quite good looking. As a rule gingers are bullied for life and I think the earlier they accept that, the better.”

And ADHD? No such thing, says know-all Katie:

“They are horrible little kids that are fed fourteen tubs of smarties and 18 energy drinks before they even get into the classroom, that’s why they're hyperactive, that’s why there’s a problem, ADHD doesn’t exist.”

Kids’ names? Katie also thinks she’s the arbitor of good taste when it comes to kids’ names.

“Wayne, Dwayne, Kylie, I don't want my children playing with them. I would much rather them playing with intelligent sounding children, like Alexandra or Olivia or George. Good classic British names.”

The out-spoken Brit even has opinions about immigrants and boat people to Australia.

"I would keep shipping them home," she says.

But Prue McSween has other ideas.

"She's the one who should be shipped home if ever she sets foot in our country," she says.

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