Banned condom ad goes viral
Picture: Four Seasons/YouTube

A commercial banned by the Australian TV watchdog has gone viral on social media.

The ad for Four Seasons Condoms is about a couple's quest for the perfect condom.

Watch the raunchy video

The young lovers enter a pharmacy and begin searching the condom aisle.

The video shows a pharmacist offering assistance.

"Do you know what size you are?" she asks.

And so begins a series of try-outs before the ultimate purchase.

"It really brings out the colour of your eyes," says another pharmacist as the pair romp on top of the counter.

Sex in a variety of positions in the aisles, on the floor and next to the cash register continues in the 40 second ad for "Naked' condoms.

The commercial, deemed too raunchy for television by the Advertising Standards Board, has had more than a million hits.

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