Has David Cameron been caught napping?

It is normally the bride who is supposed to be blushing on her wedding day – but it is British Prime Minister David Cameron who may be left feeling a little red-faced after this snap appeared online.

Has David Cameron been caught napping?

Has David Cameron been caught napping?

The picture was taken a fortnight ago but has only just appeared on social media website Instagram – although it has since been deleted, reports The Telegraph.

The picture shows bride-to-be Alice Sheffield – the sister of Mr Cameron’s wife Samantha - and was taken by Alice’s half-sister Emily.

While Alice is holding a glass of champagne ahead of her big day, it is the figure in the background which attracted attention on social media – with it appearing that the Prime Minister is getting in a quick power nap.

Credit: Emily Sheffield/Instagram

On the bed appears to be the same ministerial red box that made headlines in the UK when it was left unguarded on a train as Mr Cameron visited the buffet carriage, although Downing Street insists security officers were watching the box the whole time.

Not that it is any surprise to see Mr Cameron catching up on his sleep if that is indeed him. When the picture was taken he had just returned from the G20 summit in St Petersburg to the York wedding.

Previously, his aides have revealed he likes to get in power naps when he is travelling during his long working days.

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