US Navy sailors stuck aboard USS George Washington in Brisbane

Six thousand US sailors have spent their first day in Queensland stranded aboard one of the world's largest warships.

The USS Gorge Washington docked in Brisbane this morning, but it took local authorities hours to find a gang plank to get them on dry ground.

After more than a month at sea, they couldn't wait to set foot on Aussie soil but they had to wait more than six hours and three different sized gang planks before the mass exodus could begin.

At least it gave them time to map out a battle plan for their time in Brisbane..

“I really want to see the restaurants and nightlife,” one Navy officer said.

Brisbane pubs and clubs are set to be inundated with sailors.

“Honestly they're going to go to the bars and get drunk,” another sailor said.

It's the first time the USS George Washington has docked in Brisbane. A floating city and airport that's been working off the Queensland coast for a major training exercise with Aussie troops.

The warship will remain operational during it's time in Brisbane. Sailors will work in shifts re-stocking and maintaining the ship before it leaves our shores this weekend.

The general public won't be able to step aboard.

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