Man gives dog mouth-to-snout breath of life

A Ballarat man is being hailed a hero after performing an unusual rescue by giving a dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Steve Hunter was making a plaster delivery when Salty, a Fox Terrier Jack Russell cross, darted across the road and was hit by an oncoming car.

Mr Hunter carried the stricken dog to the safety of a nature strip where he puckered up and performed 'mouth-to-snout' resuscitation in a bid to revive the animal.

Speaking to the Ballarat Courier after the rescue, Mr Hunter said: "I gave him CPR, did the whole works. "I pulled his jaws apart - and by the way he didn't brush his teeth.

"I pulled them apart, I got as close as I could and I was blowing air in his throat and with one hand giving him CPR on his ribcage.

"I thought 'you've gotta give him half a chance', because you never know."

Mr Hunter's efforts may have saved the lucky five-year-old mutt who came around and began breathing again.

Salty was taken to a veterinary clinic with cuts to the head and a fractured pelvis, and is said to be recovering well.

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