Hadleigh Troy and Shane Osborn in Manjimup. Picture: Benjamin Styles

A five-year-old labrador led two of WA's top chefs on one of the world's most expensive hunts through oak and hazelnut trees in Manjimup yesterday.

Australia's first Michelin-starred chef, Hong Kong-based Shane Osborn, and Hadleigh Troy, from top Perth restaurant Amuse, saw Lola unearth one of the most-coveted ingredients at The Wine & Truffle Co.

Osborn and Troy were among the chefs in Manjimup at the weekend for the annual Truffle Kerfuffle festival and cooked for hundreds of diners with black truffles that sell for $2500 to $3000/kg.

In one hour, thousand of dollars worth of black gold was dug up, destined for some of the world's top restaurants in nearly 30 countries.

Shane Styles, from The Wine & Truffle Co, said the business was raising awareness of WA truffles.

He said the quality of local truffles ensured popularity with top chefs, including at the "No.1 truffle restaurant in the world", Restaurant Bruno in France, which uses 2.5 tonnes of the pungent fungus each year from various suppliers, including The Wine & Truffle Co.

The West Australian

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