Video game to help children learn

Video game to help special needs kids learn

Video game to help special needs kids learn

The inventor of a new tech-savvy way of helping children with special needs boost their literacy and numeracy skills believes it could revolutionise learning.

The World of Dasm is a 3D game aimed at early learners, particularly those with special needs, to help with math and spelling.

It has been a 20-year labor of love for Port Pirie man Shane Hillier.

“There’s interactive items for them to actually play with, unlike other games,” he told 7News.

“They get to do a series of puzzles and earn rewards at the end of it.”

When poor health left Mr Hillier unable to work a few years ago, he finally found the time to put Dasm to the test.

“I have spent the last two years, 12 hours a day, creating it,” he said.

“Basically I asked a lot of people what would make them want to learn.”

He says there is already huge demand for the game from parents across the state and around the country.

“I have had a lot of different parents approach me and say their kids have a different outlook towards the work they do now,” he said.

The best part is it is free to download.

Download your version of Dasm Spell Quest or the World of Dasm.

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