Man wins lotto twice at odds of 438 million to one

Winning the lotto would be a dream come true for most people, but one unbelievably lucky man is celebrating his second success in just two years.

George Traykov, a Bulgarian property developer who lives in Essex, England, scooped $1.5million in September 2011 on the Millionaire Raffle, reports the Daily Mail.

And, at remarkable odds of 438 million to one, he claimed the Euromillions prize of $250,000 this year, although he insists he is ‘not bothered’ by his second win.

“I wasn't really that bothered. Nothing compares with skydiving,” said the 45-year-old, a former member of the Bulgarian skydiving team.

“The first win enabled me to make a few changes in my life, most importantly sending my daughter Elaine to private school and maintaining her skydiving training sessions.

“I've always worked very hard and never spent more than I have so money has never been a major problem for me.”

However, clean-living Mr Traykov did have one problem when it came to celebrating – he did not know how to crack open the bubbly.

“I don't drink and I don't smoke so I had to waste a whole box of champagne until I got it right.”

He is not the first person to scoop two winning tickets though.

Last month, one couple from Arkansas bought a ticket from a store on the way to a fishing trip and another on the return journey.

Each ticket was a winner, ensuring the couple suddenly became $1m richer.

While Virginia Pike of Virginia had two winning $1m tickets from the same Powerball draw in April of last year.

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