Man confronts drunk girls at Macca s
The incident at McDonald's Innaloo. Picture: YouTube/starofthetube

Three drunk young women “behaving like sl**s” at a McDonald’s store in Perth’s northern suburbs have made international headlines.

A video posted on YouTube shows the girls acting up and throwing food on the floor at McDonald’s Innaloo.

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As one of the scantily-clad women climbs onto the counter, wiggling her legs and hips, an angry customer intervenes and grabs the girl.

“Behave yourselves. Stop acting like sl**s,” he says. “Go over there and clean your s**t up. Clean this s*** up.”

One girl falls to the floor, seemingly unable to defend her behaviour. Another starts ranting at the “middle-aged hero” as he orders them to clean up their mess.

The man, referred to as John, told 6PR today that he was at the McDonald's store with his girlfriend about 9.30pm on Saturday when he decided to confront the girls.

He said he thought the staff would have felt threatened by the actions of the women, who he thought were aged about 19 or 20.

"I used a word I'm not proud of. I think they were drunk, I said clean up your mess," 'John' told 6PR.

"I was at a table and we had a family next to us and we could hear these girls going on. They were throwing food and carrying on and one of them climbed over the counter.

"At that stage I thought, 'I've had enough' and I went over there and pulled her off the counter.

"I said girls you are acting like pigs you need to get your stuff and get out of here.

"I'm a father of two boys....if it was my kids I would be making sure they were there for the next week cleaning the mess up."

John said he felt sorry for the women because of the negative comments on social media.

His actions prompted a storm of comments on YouTube.

“My hero! I wish I could have seen him throw them out,” one said.

“This guy deserves a medal. He is a hero. I wish there were more like him around. The girls’ behaviour is totally inappropriate and unacceptable,” said another.

One comment said: "This man is my new hero for putting these dumb skanks in their place."

“They are throwing food, disturbing everyone else, climbing on the counter so the workers have to put up with not only cleaning their pig mess, they also have to try and work with that sl** all over the counter,” another comment said. “He did nothing wrong - he was defusing the situation getting those sl**s out of there. He is a legend.”

The manager at McDonald's Innaloo told he had not seen the video and refused to comment further.

McDonald’s Australia spokeswoman Laura Keith said the women’s behaviour was unacceptable.

“Behaviour like this from intoxicated customers is not tolerated in our restaurants,” she said. “Managers and crew contact local police to remove any customers who are behaving inappropriately.”

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